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January 24th

February 7th

February 21st

March 7th

March 21st

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Basic Share $50

Fuji Apples - 3 lb. bag

Grapefruit - 2 ct.

Avocados - 2 ct.

Minneolas - 1.75 - 2 lb.

Altaulfo Mangoes - 2 ct.

Butter Lettuce - 2 heads.

Red Beets - .75-1 lb.

Green Chard - 1 bunch

Cucumbers - .75-1 lb

Red Bell peppers - .75-1 lb.

Zucchini - 1.75-2 lb.

Roma tomatoes - .75-1 lb.

Russet potatoes - 5 lb. bag

Yams - 1.75-2 lb.

Extra Fruit Share $30

Fuji Apples - 3 lb. bag

Bartlett pears - 3 lbs.

Avocado - 5 ct.

Minneolas - 1.75-2 lb.

Altaulfo Mangoes - 5 ct.

Extra Veggie Share $16

Butter Lettuce - 2 heads.

Red Beets - 1.75-2 lbs.

Yams 1.75-2 lb.

Cucumbers -  .75-1 lb.

Red Bell peppers - .75-1 lb.

Roma tomatoes - .75-1 lb.

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Monica Brown

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