About Us

Did you know that you can absolutely affect your health and the future of your children’s health by making changes?  We didn’t know!  It’s been a long time since we have seen someone who was vibrantly healthy.  

What started all of this?  Thanks for asking! I (Monica) became extremely sick for the second time in two years. . .more than that, I was completely sick of being moderately healthy!  Jim was tired of 40 extra pounds and an irritating, fear-inducing, irregular heart beat!  That’s our short list.  In fact, we each wrote out a list of things we wanted to see change.

So, we have been consistent with a 70% raw foods diet along with freshly milled grain products and couldn’t be more pleased with the results!  Jim dropped 40 pounds without vigorous exercise (regular exercise is our goal) and I dropped to 118lb back to High School size!  More than that, we have no digestive or heart related issues and don’t remember feeling better.  The feeling we have most of the time is one of extra energy and a desire to do the next thing instead of daydreaming about the next chance to nap!  The children are more satisfied and have come along with us as we have taken time to educate them about why we have made such drastic changes.

Original wish list:

Jim – better eyesight, sense of wellness, lose 40 pounds, more energy to play with children, no sinus problems, better sleep, no snoring, regular heart rate.

Monica – sleep without difficulty, clear skin, more energy, “look” healthy, no difficulty digesting, pain in arms to go away, weight 115-120 pounds, normal “cycle” with nothing strange!

Children—to be more satisfied vs. hungry all the time, less colds & sickness, healthy weight, and to have a consistently healthy diet.

Keep in mind that being healthy and staying trim has been a longtime goal of ours.   When we heard that 90% of what was wrong with us could be corrected by eating well and taking quality nutritional supplements, we decided to give it a try.  This journey really started many years ago when we began to drink more water and attempt to eat better foods.

Expensive?  No!  Chronic sickness is expensive!   Changing what you spend your money on makes a huge difference in the Budget Department AND the Health Department!

Keep in mind, we are not professional nutrition counselors.  We are simply passing along information that has helped us feel great and stay well within our weight range. Do some research for yourself and talk with your health care provider if you have concerns.

How it works:

We order organic produce in bulk, shipped to us here at downtown Fort Worth where a great group of people further split it up and send it all over North Texas. We’ve been running the group now since 2001 and are proud to say that we haven’t changed the prices for the basic, fruit and veggie shares in that time!

Quality guarantee:

None of the images you see here are stock images, they are pictures of actual produce that we get that we’ve taken. Because its produce, it may not be perfect every time. To make up for any losses, we send a full extra box of food to each site for swapping. If you find out that something is bad later you can swap next time or email us and we’ll send a replacement.

USDA Organic:

We buy certified organic unless specifically noted on the food coming email. For example, if a farmer is in transition and using organic methods but not certified yet we will make sure everyone knows. We do not buy conventional produce.