Ok…I was just telling someone the other day that one of the main things I have liked about the coop is that it has “forced” me to try new things…take acorn squash. I would’ve never bought it on my own, but since it came in my produce, I had to try it. Now we look forward to getting it in the fall/winter and love to make Harvest Soup w/ it (a recipe someone shared on the e-group). The other thing we like is not having to go to the grocery store! Saves me so much time! Also the peace of mind I get when one of my kids grabs an apple and forgets to wash it…I console myself w/ (oh well, at least there are no pesticides on it! ) lol. Thanks, Monica, for all you do. Now it’s time for me to get back on the wagon as I have fallen off hard during the last month. Since the produce comes in regularly I’m guaranteed success at eating healthier at home! (it’s the eating at other peoples’ homes w/ all those tantalizing sweets…)