What is YourHealthSource.Org?

Your Health Source.Org is a family run organization of people buying food and other products together to save money. These groups were formed to bring organic produce plus a variety of household items into our area at great prices with a convenient one stop pick up location.

I’ve Seen Other Groups Like Yours.

We help establish groups that offer a mixed produce variety basket year round. We buy from organic suppliers and some local suppliers. We work to provide you with the finest and most interesting variety of produce available. Nutrition classes are offered periodically as well as food preparation guidelines, recipes, etc. Whole grain bread (from freshly milled grain) demonstrations are also available. Come join the fun of achieving and maintaining optimal health!

How Much Does It Cost?

Co-op Style – $60 per delivery.  If you have a small household, you may need to split your order with another small household. If you are a large family, you may want to buy 1.5 orders and find another family who will buy 1.5. $15 is requested to give to your host for bins.

How Much Food Is It?

The amount of food in each delivery varies between 15 -25 pounds. Each pick up site is also sent an extra share for swapping an item that you may not want.

How Often Are Deliveries? How Do We Get Our Food?

Every other week, you go to the pick up location, get your share, sign in on the sign-in sheet, and leave your check for next time.

What Happens If I’ll Be Away On a Delivery Day?

You find someone to pick up for you.  A neighbor, relative or friend may be interested in trying the Co-op by buying your share, or you may wish to give your share as a gift. Give the name and phone number of the person picking up your share to your Host. You can skip an order periodically provided you give at least 1 weeks notice.

What If I Need Extra Produce?

You may order bags of carrots for juicing, bulk items, or other produce items (apples, oranges, bananas) by joining the free eGroup “Health Source Food Coming List” This list is sent out biweekly and announces the items that are available and gives you the list of food coming in the Basic, Extra Fruit and Extra Veg Shares. Others in your group may want to share produce with you.

What If I Need Extra Fruit/Veggies? What If It’s Too Much For Me?

Fruit Shares are available for households which need additional fruit, and are designed to complement the fruit in the regular share. Fruit shares are $35. Too much? Share your share with another person. Extra Veggie shares are available for $20 and are designed to compliment the vegetables found in the regular share.

What are pick up times?

Times vary from site to site.

How Do I Join?

You start by making a 3 order commitment. This gives you a chance to decide if you really like the process and the products. Visit our Join page to begin. Fill out the form and send payment – we’ll add you in on the date you select! You can also contact us with any questions.

What If I Don’t Like It?

We recommend that you try three deliveries before deciding. Each site is sent extra food for trading, so if you receive something that you or your family doesn’t eat you can trade it for something else. You may leave the group by giving 7 days notice and are welcome to rejoin whenever there is an opening.

Want Produce Delivered to Your Neighborhood?

As a Host, you can save money every month on your produce. Drivers need to use their own van or truck (with tarp) and be able to lift heavy boxes. (35 to 50 lb.) Drivers also receive a “drivers share” of produce. If you only host a group you will receive a discount per member in your group. Please email for more info.

What Other Products Can We Get?

In addition to produce, we offer dried herbs, whole grains, organic nuts, local honey, oil, cheese, dry goods and more.

What We’ve Found About Other Similar Programs:

Some boxed programs have good pricing but the cons are:

  1. No customer service at all (all volunteer). They don’t answer emails.
  2. Usually no way to swap food. Some may allow you to swap food.
  3. Long line when you pick up food.
  4. No replacements (though you can refuse a special order – a full case – at pick up time, if poor quality).
  5. No way to know what food is coming ahead of time.
  6. Full cases and other special options (like a veggie share) are rarely organic.
  7. Very limited dry goods options (they have granola, bread, sometimes oil). Usually not organic.
  8. They request that everyone volunteer sometimes to sort food (early morning, heavy lifting)
  9. Other out of state organizations deliver bulk/produce/frozen/some organic, 1x a month.

Pros and cons of other similar groups:


  • some produce items are cheaper, and a good amount are organic
  • dry goods are available in smaller quantities and some are cheaper
  • no annual fee
  • lots of frozen and grocery items

Cons/potential cons:

  • only 1x month
  • $50 minimum order or $5 fee
  • 8.5% additional shipping fee
  • return policy can be inconvenient for some items (esp. full cases orders they have sometimes wanted you to hold and return the following month)
  • from far away…
  • may need to meet the truck in early AM hours, need to help with unloading etc./inconvenient, need to find someone to p/u for you.
  • ever changing times/days of delivery
  • quality can be iffy (spotted and bruised apples, misshaped and varying sizes of apples). Some items are sold for canning and are not pretty.
  • sometimes not a large variety of produce at all.