Laura Palacios

We enjoy being a part of the food co op. There is so much variety with what comes each week, and my children enjoy helping me wash and sort things. One of the funniest things that happened this year was getting our lettuce and finding a handful of ladybugs in it! You know it is organic if the ladybugs are roaming over the crisp greens.

Since we started the co op and began to increase our intake of fresh vegetables, we have noticed significant health gains. My husband has suffered from leg cramps at night for over ten years. He has had complete relief from this! Also, he recently took a long road trip and did not experience any back/neck stiffness or pains. This has never happened before. I packed plenty of fresh veggies for him to snack on.

I have felt much better and have lost about 10 pounds- all without exercising (which I hope to take up soon :). I have lots of energy even though we dropped caffeine altogether.

We have enjoyed too many health benefits to turn back now! Thanks for organizing the co op.