Borscht – from my friend, Kim C.There are a million different versions of borscht on the internet, but this is how I made mine.

I put two potatoes, beet tops, one chopped onion, a few carrots, one bulb celeriac root, 1tsp vinegar, and 3 Bok  Choy in with a roast in a crock pot on low. Let cook for 10 hours. Then throw out beet tops. Bake 3 beets in oven until fork tender and peel. After everything is cooked and cooled down a bit, put the beef broth, potatoes, celeriac root, peeled beets, carrots, into blender a little at a time until everything is smooth. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of dill. Salt and pepper to taste. Put a tsp of lime or lemon juice if you would like.

Serve the roast at a different meal. 🙂