Raw Oatmeal

We discovered this fast oatmeal based breakfast from our neighbors who feed their 8 children this particular breakfast almost every day!  It’s THE fastest breakfast you will ever make and it’s fun and refreshing.  You can prepare everything the night before. In the morning just add milk.


  • 2/3 cups raw oatmeal per person – put directly into the serving bowl
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Sprinkle of sea salt (we omit this from time to time)
  • Generous squirt of raw local honey
  • 2 tsp of golden or brown flaxseed (we prefer golden because it rarely tastes old)  You could grind the flaxseed or leave it whole.  
  • Cover with your favorite milk.


  1. Eat this breakfast as is or add any of the following:
  2. Raw pecans or walnuts
  3. Organic raisins, dates or cranberries
  4. Shredded organic coconut
  5. Grated apple

How do you enjoy your oatmeal?